26 Jun
Cloud Hosting Overtakes Shared Hosting

Cloud Hosting Overtakes Shared Hosting

Cloud hosting is fairly new on the scene but there are tons of web developers who have abandoned traditional hosting in favor of cloud hosting.  Traditionally there were only two types of hosting for you to choose from, dedicated and shared.  Dedicated meant that you essentially owned an entire server and were in total control of the settings, security and all the resources were yours to do as you wish.  Shared hosting gave you a portion of a server that you shared with plenty of other people.  Your bandwidth, RAM, and the space you have on the drive are all limited.  If one of the other websites on the server gets hacked or attacked you will suffer too.

The Problem With Traditional Hosting

Both types of hosting companies have servers set up all over the world and at any time any of these servers can be shut off, attacked by hackers or have any number of problems that are outside of your control.  When any of these things happen your site can go down and that isn’t good for anybody’s business.  Personal sites going down is one thing but a business site…that is not acceptable. Downtime results in not only lost revenue at that time but you run the risks of alienating a customer who won’t return to your site.  Here is how you can protect your site from attacks.

What Does Cloud Hosting Offer

Cloud hosting uses virtual storage across clusters of servers.  They take advantage of mirroring techniques so that there is always continual access to your site.  That means that if one server goes down your website is largely unaffected and this gives you more stability and almost complete uptime.  Even though many shared hosting services boast 99.999% uptime, that is rarely the case.

Cloud hosts also offer a different style of billing where you only pay for what you need.  For a new site or a very specific niche site that doesn’t get a ton of traffic that can save you thousands over the cost of a dedicated server.  Combine that with better peace of mind that your website won’t crash for things beyond your control and it makes cloud hosting a very sweet deal indeed.

Cloud hosting is still a fairly new concept in the world of hosting but despite that cloud hosting is offered by the big players like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.  Goes to show how cloud hosting overtakes shared hosting among developers.


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