Web Site Hosting in South Africa

Hosting a website in South Africa has proven to be a rather interesting thing to do. Web hosts tend to overcharge website owners and bad service marks the industry. Have you ever tried cancelled your website hosting? And lived to tell the tale?

Now there is finally a webhosting company in South Africa that not only gives you excellent service, but offers hosting packages that few can match.

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Email Space

One of the issues with South African ISP’s is enough disk space for your emails. Some companies give you a whole 5Mb space!!!!! You can really do nothing with that. With our starter package you get 20Mb space per email account. Now you can safely send and receive larger files via email.

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Disk Space

Keeping in mind that your website takes up disk space somewhere on a server you really need more than 5Mb for a rather standard website. Our starter package offers 100Mb disk space – more than enough to host a basic site.

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Everytime someone visits your site, it eats up bandwidth. And the worst part is – not only human visitors visit your site. Search engine spiders visit sites on an almost daily basis and takes a lot of your monthly bandwidth. Then you also send and receive emails which take up bandwidth every-time you send and receive. We offer 500Mb bandwidth in our starter package.

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Email Addresses

We offer 15 email accounts on the starter package – more than enough for any small business to run their normal day to day business activities.

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A lot more

Especially for South African companies – do not let power failures harm your website. Our service are in a 1st world country – the USA and we guarantee 99,9% uptime. We offer full support and backup and most of all, we are available to you, the client.

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